Anant speaks . . . . . 
What I have to say about Me, Myself and I !!

Hello visitor myself Anantdeep Singh, an agricultural professional by education & and banker in work profile. A web consultant, an amateur web-pro & a freelance youth activist based in Canada. A jatt from the clan of Dhillon's had elementry education at Saint Francis School and then went on to study at one of the Oldest and Premier educational institutions of North India- Khalsa College Amritsar and Guru Nanak Dev University in Amritsar- India.

An individual with strong leadership qualities, taking challenges in spheres of work and life with qualities that describe persona likes of Proactive, Creative, Impulsive, self - Motivated, organizational Abilities, good communication skills. Values like honesty, integrity, dedication are of importance to the persona in life. 

I however can be categorized more as a freelance youth activist, likes to pursue creative, active and engaging things in life. From my hobbies, gardening is my favorite one, I can be termed as a computer freak, an amateur photographer, avid traveler and a book worm. I have always been a vociferous vote against female foeticide/infanticide- a rampant social malady in India as also various issues linked to grass-roots agriculture and farming, challenges and future concerning youth and sustainable development. 

Being an agricultural consultant beyond borders a firm believer that "PEACE cannot be brought about with empty BELLIES" and the "Advent of Civilization depended on Agriculture and so is its future...". I feel concerned that people still remain hungry as food doesn't reach the needy though there is adequate food production, wish that people never sleep hungry and we are able to eliminate poverty and illiteracy-the the root causes of disease & lack of development.

A member of the International Youth Team at Earth Charter Youth Initiative (ECYI) and working to promote Earth Charter in my community & regions. The City of Amritsar recognized me as “Sikh Youth Ambassador for Peace” and the NGO -'Amritsar Vikas Manch' honored me as "City Youth Icon" in 2008.

I like multi-tasking and always look for avenues to get involved in various creative activities, working with people for issues that affect us as global human race on this planet. My dream projects are "Each One Plant One" & "PEACE VISION PROJECT".

On the broad social front enjoys meeting people from all walks of life, have traveled across India and visited Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Netherlands, United States & Canada.

Well my story of youth activism began when I was in college and joined the Rotaract club as a volunteer, my classmates told me it was waste of time but I carried on with my conviction, Lo and behold the crusade has taken me places, widened my horizons and virtually propelled me into my active endeavors for Peace, inter faith dialogue & sustainable development.

Going back in time it was news about the sale of blood in a local newspaper that propelled me to initiate an awareness campaign in my college about voluntary blood donation and I was one of the pioneers of “Youth Blood Donors Campaign”. It was a campaign aimed to raise awareness about safe blood and voluntary donation among the college and university students. I always remember my fellow team-mates who were always there to find donors in college and friends circles when somebody needed blood in any city hospital.

That is all history now, much before that after completing my school education I joined Khalsa College in the city of Amritsar (India), where I went on to complete the Master degree program in Agricultural Science. It is there that I met some of the dynamic and multifaceted talented young creative personalities and and then for 8 years we together worked for different social causes like promition of voluntary blood donation, eye donation, tree plantation, literacy, against drug addiction, polio vaccination and host of other voluntary programs especially involving youth.

Over the years I have moved with my engagement from local to national and than on to international organizations and presently associated with few voluntary organizations- Earth Charter Youth Initiative, ROTARACT, EARTH CHARTER, Religions for Peace, United Religions Initiative & UNITED SIKHS, Advocates for Youth, Commision for Sustainable Development Youth Caucus.

The issues of my specific interest are- Peace, Inter-faith dialogue, Sustainable Agriculture, Global Food Security, Sustainable Development, Climate Change & environment. I am inclined towards community service and am a strong advocate for sustainable agriculture and development at rural grassroots level. I love to spare time for involvement in voluntary eye & blood donation campaigns, tree plantation drives, polio eradication program, motivating the youth for peace & development through lecture series. An active crusader in community service and skills development at the grassroots level, active participant in anti-pollution drives, propagating knowledge about sustainable agriculture, organic farming and crop diversification.

It was in 2004 when I was selected to join UNITED SIKHS [an International Human Development organization] my much larger international exposure began. I am currently the Youth, Inter-faith & Community Development Coordinator for the organization. In the organization I have been working for the Inter-faith issues, campaigns against drugs & anti addiction efforts, student aid programs through scholarships and support programs.

A member of the Asian Youth Interfaith Network "ACT" team for the Asia-Pacific region of The World Conference of Religions for Peace. I attended the Summit of Asian youth leaders for Peace in Singapore and was representative of SIKH youth at the Ist World Youth Assembly of Religions for Peace in Hiroshima (Japan) in August 2006, also attended the VIIIth World Assembly of Religions for Peace in Kyoto (Japan); was invited to attend Earth Charter Summit in Amsterdam (Netherlands) in November 2005 & The Summit of Asian Religious Youth Leaders for Peace in Indonesia in July 2005. I was past Chairman of International Services Committee of Rotaract in Rotary Distt.3070 and District Secretary Communication & Web-services. I have also been the past President of Rotaract Club Khalsa College Amritsar (India).

My sincere wish is that the youth awaken, arise & work together for a world free from weapons of mass destruction & resolve the conflicts peacefully “LET THE PEACE PREVAIL” and we the YOUTH the harbingers of PEACE & DEVELOPMENT.

Apart from engagement with important national/international & youth issues I am an amateur web consultant & web-pro, with special interests in web design, user interface design, presentation design, flash web-design, logo design, web composition and VFX with special interest in planning & implementation of web projects. I detest monotony but thrive in an constantly evolving environment.