Wishes-- the infinite thoughts

Hamari hasti hi kya ae Khalik, hum taun khaak hain is jahan ki.
Dua karte hain ki acha karte rahein,
aapne erd gird aur logon ke kaam aate rahen,
zameen se hamesha judey rahein.
Jahan bhi rahen doston aur kaum ka saath rahein

English Translation:

Oh the creator I am just a small being in this world

& wish you give me strength to do good and help others in life

and be humble & simple ever............

Wish for PEACE & global harmony..........

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My journey for PEACE & Goodwill................

The travelouge for PEACE began with journey to Hiroshima in Agugust 2005 and still continues and added another feather as I attended the Asian Youth Assembly of the World Conference of Religions for Peace

It all began this year with the receipt of formal invitation to the summit in August 2007, required meticulous planning for completing the travel and visa formalities. It was virtually run around to look for the cheapest available airline that will comfortably fly me to Singapore where the assembly was slated to be held from 4th- 7th September 2007.

Well all this was completed in-time and I got an oppurtunity to set out of India for the second time in my life. This time the destination was SINGAPORE, the small island nation. The journey was smooth and relatively uneventful except time taken at the immigration counter at the airport due to long queues.

As I came out of airport I was joined by other members of the Indian delegation who had travelled by other flights and delegates from Japan, Phillipines, Thailand some of whom were my old friends from the last meeting in Japan. It was nice to meet theme again.

The participants were recieved at the Singapore Changi International Airport in a very traditional manner and transported in a special luxary bus to the Royal Copthorne Hotel for the stay. The hospitality was par-excellence and there was enthusiam and exuberence in the air.

At the summit the Asian youth leaders forged an alternative to religious extremism and the violent abuse of religion. The event brought together youth representatives of major pan-Asian religious organizations and religious youth leaders from across 18 countries delibrated on the theme "CHOOSING HOPE. TAKING ACTION".

I have been unanimously elected to be part of the Asian Youth Committee of the WORLD CONFERENCE OF RELIGIONS FOR PEACE in the recently held Asian Youth Assembly of World Conference of Religions for Peace in Singapore. I represented the SIKH youth and have been assigned the task to take care of commincation web & will be Co-chairman of Communications team. The snapshot of assembly....
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I had a chance to meet Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports and Second Minister for Information, Communications and Arts, Government of Singapore. Dr. Balakrishnan asked me about the holy city of Amritsar and his wish to visit the city in near future. I apprised him about the direct flight from Singapore to Amritsar. He was also told about the turban issue and I personally requested for his kind support and got positive reply.
Minister's Address to the gathering at the opening of the summit.

I am associated with the "UNITED SIKHS" an International Human development NGO, as Youth, Inter-faith & Community Development Associate since 2004. I had earlier attended the Ist Global Youth Assembly of World Conference of Religions for Peace held in Hiroshima (Japan) in August 2006. I had earlier also attended the Earth Charter EC+5 summit held in Amsterdam (Netherlands) in Nov, 2005 and am member of Core Group at the Earth Charter Youth Initiative and Youth Forum at the World Summit for Sustainable Development.

Now invited to attend the Global Forum on Youth and ICT for Development being organised by the United Nations & Global Alliance for ICT and Development in Geneva 24th - 26th September 2007 on the theme "Youth and ICT as Agents of Change".